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Geo-Drill aims to reduce drilling costs through DTH hammer, to advance drill monitoring through low-cost and robust 3D printed sensors and to improve component life through advanced materials and coatings.


Hydraulic Down The Hole (DTH) fluid/mud HAMMER

Robust DTH hammer with high ROP (rate of penetration) and ability to use drilling mud for improved cuttings transport, well bore stability and integrity. Combined with a bi-stable fluidic oscillator, the percussion mechanism during drilling is simpler and more robust — less sensitive to issues with mud tolerances/less need for filtering the recycled water.


Drill monitoring based on 3D printed sensors

High-fidelity drill monitoring system based on robust 3D printed sensor, cables, and compatible in extreme geothermal environments, for fast-wired communication to enable real time monitoring system. Overall, the drill monitoring system will lead to significant improvements of ROP, cuttings transport performance, component life, fuel reduction, as well as increased safety and reduced environmental risks.


Improved lifetime of drilling components through advanced and material coatings

Economical and efficient methods, materials, and designs in surface engineering to produce high performance coated surfaces optimized for operating in the aggressive environments of geodrilling — improving the lifetime of components in medium and high temperature geothermal applications reducing carbon and water footprint from reduced component replacement.


Decision Support system (DSS) for design and investment and knowledge based engineering (KBE)

Integrated tool for sustainability assessment and decision making — to systematically assess the sustainability of developments, taking into account scale, life-cycle, location, contest and stakeholder values.

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