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The challenge:

 Geothermal is the most under-utilized of renewable sources due to high investment costs and long development cycle. A big part (53%) of the cost is in drilling and it is time-dependent.

 Geo-Drill Solution:

 The overall objective for Geo-Drill is to develop “holistic” drilling technologies that have the potential to drastically reduce the cost of drilling to large depths (5km or more) and at high temperatures (250ºC or more).


 Geo-Drill aims to reduce drilling cost with increased Rate Of Penetration (ROP) and reduced tripping with improved tools lives. The drilling technology proposed includes (see services):

  • a bi-stable fluidic amplifier driven mud hammer,

  • low cost 3D printed sensors & cables,

  • drill monitoring system,

  • Graphene based materials and coatings. 



  • Speed up production and injection wells for geothermal power through the development of novel drilling technologies and increasing the efficacy of existing technologies, through integration

  • Enhance the growth of geothermal energy, generating electricity while significantly reducing the environmental impact during drill activity and reducing the capital expenditure (CAPEX)

  • Improve ROP, life cycles and reliability 

  • Develop a new integrated drilling system, to include a fluidic hammer, 3D printed sensors & cables enhancing drilling process, tool joint surfaces & stabilizer coatings that extend life and minimise well bore damage, lowering the overall cost-per-meter drilled.

  • Achieve cost savings 

Visit our FAQs for more information on geothermal energy