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Live Geo-Drill Field Testing Underway

Tue, 11 April, 2023

Live field testing is now underway for the Geo-Drill project at the Fraunhofer IEG, Bochum live geothermal site.

The field tests are testing the technologies developed during the project with the aim of reducing drilling costs through a bi-stable fluidic amplifier-driven mud hammer, complete with graphene-based materials and coatings to improve the rate of penetration (ROP).

This hammer also offers an improved tool life compared to other technologies, while the drill monitoring system and 3D–printed sensors and cabling will help ensure reduced tripping.

Over half (53%) of the total cost of geothermal operations is the time-dependent drilling - creating high investment costs and a long development cycle.

To allow geothermal to realise its potential as a game-changing renewable energy resource, it is important to reduce costs and operational delays through the creation of ‘holistic’ drilling technologies.

You can see a short video from the field test site, below:


The Geo-Drill project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 815319.