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Geo-Drill Research and Outcomes Discussed in Project Q&A

Wed, 28 June, 2023

Geo-Drill consortium members, TWI Ltd have released an informative Q&A with some of their experts about the project.

The article investigates how improved coating and drilling technologies can reduce the costs associated with geothermal drilling, where the harsh drilling conditions reduce the lifetimes of the components.

Explaining why it is important to reduce the cost of geothermal operations and increase their take-up across the world, TWI’s experts offer an insight into the benefits of geothermal energy and why effective coatings are a vital part of the work.

As well as revealing why alloy and cermet coatings were chosen by the project team, the article also describes the benefits of high velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) spraying and why it is seen as a solution for deposition of the coatings as compared with some other thermal spray techniques.

TWI’s team also gave some insight into the wear and corrosion resistance findings from the project when bench-marked against existing materials and methods.

The insightful article finished by offering a glimpse into what could be next in geothermal research and development.

You can read the article in full on TWI’s website, here.


The Geo-Drill project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 815319