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GeoDrill Project Highlighted at Open Access Government.Org

Wed, 03 August, 2022

Work by the University of Iceland for the GeoDrill project has been highlighted in a new article published by Open Access Government, titled, ‘Increasing Efficiency: High-temperature Corrosion and Materials Research.’

The article looks into the global chase for green and renewable energy and how geothermal power could provide a solution. However, to prove truly game-changing there is a need for higher well output and increased efficiency for geothermal turbines and production equipment. This would increase the lifetime of materials and reduce mechanical energy loss since materials in contact with geothermal fluids can be subject to corrosion, leading to high costs for materials, labour, and energy production efficiencies. Plus, as interest increases in deeper geothermal resources, there is a need to develop solutions for ever hotter and more corrosive environments.

While highlighting the problems associated with geothermal fluid corrosion, Open Access Government also noted three projects that are helping to develop innovative solutions to these problems - the Horizon 2020 funded projects: Geo-Coat, GeoDrill and GeoHex.

GeoDrill is working to develop novel materials and drilling technology for geothermal system. These will reduce drilling costs, advance drill monitoring through 3D sensors and improve the lifespan of components through advanced coatings and materials.

You can see the full article from Open Access Government, here.


The GeoDrill project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, Grant agreement no. 815319.